Qatar 2022 World Cup: How's the weather up there?
FIFA World Cup

The weather's just fine.

If you can handle some heat.

But that's just because Qatar is a gulf nation, a desert nation, and nations of the sand are known for their hot weather. That counts for one of the reasons why it is being held in November and December, instead of in the summer like we're all used to.

But let's take a look at what the science says ahead of the most unique World Cup in football history, before we make any conclusions.

Expected weather for Qatar in November/December 2022

Usually, that time frame is when winter comes round in Qatar, although they do not get much snow. The summer season in Qatar starts in June when the World Cup is usually played, and temperatures always hit the 40s at that time.

But in the winter periods which start from December, temperatures start at 25°C and can go as low as 19°C at night. 25°C is still hot to some people, but it's way more manageable than having to play and cheer in a 40°C weather.

Desert camping is the pastime in Qatar in these months as some like to enjoy the cool winds of the desert which blow all over the country directly. This is one of the reasons that desert camping is one of the accommodation options for fans coming to watch the World Cup.

But don't forget your water! The desert will not stop being the desert just because it will blow some cold air in December.

Now, let's look at what Qatar is going to do for you.

What travelling fans can expect

A state of the art air conditioned ground to watch your favourite match.

It is not baselessly touted as the most unique World Cup. It is actually unique.

Air conditioning is a concept that is still being adapted to football stadiums. Qatar has gone and taken it a step further by making cooling technology that cleans the air while cooling the fans down.

In an interview with, Dr Saud Abdulaziz Abdul GhanI, the creator of the cooling technology revealed: "We are not just cooling the air, we're cleaning it.

"We're purifying the air for spectators. For example, people who have allergies won't have problems inside our stadiums as we have the cleanest and purest air in there is.

"Pre-cooled air comes in through grills built into the stands and large nozzles alongside the pitch. Using the air circulation technique, cooled air is then drawn back, re-cooled, filtered and pushed out where it is needed."

Each stadium's tech will be adjusted depending on the weather at the time. Dr. Saud also said that the cooling systems in each stadium makes use of the same tools utilised in automotive air conditioning but on a much larger scale.

So fans need not worry. It's all been taken care of. All fans have to do is come and enjoy the spectacle in the most unique World Cup in history.