Germany to retain Hansi Flick despite World Cup disappointment
Germany FIFA World Cup

The DFB has announced that Hansi Flick would continue as Germany's manager despite a disappointing World Cup showing. This was the second successive time that Germany, four-time champions, were knocked out of the FIFA World Cup in the group stage - a big surprise considering their heavyweight status in the game and the abundance of talented players in their team.

Several coaches of national sides have since stepped down since their sides were knocked out of the tournament while a host of players are expected to follow suit, with the most notable being Eden Hazard, who's Belgium side also suffered a disappointing group stage exit.

Germany decide to stick with Flick

For Germany, the decision to retain Flick was reaffirmed at a 2.5-hour meeting on Wednesday morning, and DFB president Bernd Neuendorf publicly expressed his full support for the head coach.

The 2024 European Championship in our nation "represents a wonderful chance for football in Germany, we are all confident," Neuendorf added. "Making this competition a sporting success is our aim. We have complete faith that Hansi Flick and his team will succeed in overcoming this hurdle."

Flick tacked on: "In regards to the European Championship in our nation, my coaching staff and I are enthusiastic. As a squad, we are capable of more than what we demonstrated in Qatar. There was a huge opportunity that we missed. That will teach us some valuable lessons."

The 2022 World Cup group stage elimination for Flick's team was a massive letdown and continuing their recent struggles at key competitions since their last semi-final appearance at the Euro 2016 event. However, the manager's extensive knowledge of the national squad (he served as an assistant from 2006 to 2014) and success at Bayern Munich reportedly led to his federation giving him a second shot.

The nation was disappointed in Qatar's performance, but there was a bright spot: the next generation made a good impression. For instance, the teen Jamal Musiala performed admirably in his three World Cup starts, and Germany will work to cultivate talented kids around him in the ensuing years.

Germany were strongly criticized at the World Cup for going down the political route after a famous picture of their players covering their mouths in a view to protest against FIFA and Qatar over LGBTQ rights. Back to football on the pitch, the European side will now look to regroup ahead of Euro 24 and get back to their usual best.