Viral interview: Jurgen Klopp rips into Qatar World Cup
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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is the latest to hit out at this year’s winter World Cup in a passionate interview that saw him pour out his emotions.

Host nation Qatar have been criticized over their laws surrounding the LGBTQ+ community, as well as the country’s awful treatment of migrant workers.

On Friday, FIFA wrote to all 32 teams competing at the World Cup telling them to "focus on the football". They also say football should not be "dragged" into ideological or political "battles" and should not be "handing out moral lessons".

Now, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has had his say on the matter. In a rather compelling six-minute interview, he made sure to give his honest verdict on the upcoming World Cup.

He said: "Will I be going to the World Cup? No, I'll [go on holiday] again," Klopp said. "I will watch the games anyway, but it is different. I watched an old documentary about the whole situation, how it got announced that Russia and Qatar will host the next two World Cups. I think it was the first time in history they announced two in one go.”

"We all know how it happened and how you can still let it happen and there is no legal thing afterwards leading to a real, how can I say it, that it was now open. Still, it was hidden, and you think how it can happen, and it was 12 years ago?

"The [stadiums] don't just [appear] and it is all of sudden 'look at the new stadium'. It is not Aladdin with the wonder lamp. That is the situation. It can make you angry, how can it not? Again, I watch it from a football point of view, and I don't like the fact that the players, from time to time, get in a situation where they have to send a message."

Klopp continued by saying he will watch the upcoming World Cup but admits it will be a lot different to other editions as we know it.

He added: "The thing is organized by other people. And I don't say you let it happen, but we all let it happen. Everything was on the table, but still Mr Sepp Blatter came somehow out of it, and it is that long ago that some of the worst guys died already. It was that long ago when we really could have sorted it.

"It is not anything about Qatar, they won the World Cup, for whatever reason, that is fine. It is really about…I want a lot of things that do not happen but we carry on with it. You can have everything, its fine. I will watch games of course, but it is different to other World Cups."