USA, Canada and Mexico could join Copa America

According to the President of CONCACAF, the possibility of an agreement being reached with CONMEBOL for the United States, Canada and Mexico to become part of the Copa America has not been ruled out.

Victor Montagliani, who has been president of CONCACAF since 2016 confirmed that there are discussions being held for the scenario to come to pass. He also said that they have reached out to FIFA for a potential test of the format like the football governing body did for Qatar.

“We will have those discussions, we've had them, we will continue with all of them to see how we can better our own competitions, maybe create new ones, and I think we will probably have some sort of announcements on any of that stuff probably early in the 2023 stage, because we understand how important it is to have these competitions,” said Victor Montagliani said during an interview on OneSoccer's 'Good Night, Qatar' show.

“We're also discussing with FIFA about a test even, similar to what they had (in Qatar) with the Arab Cup. So those are things that are going to help not just our host nations, of course, but also help all our nations in CONCACAF.”

The Daily Mail reported that week that both the football generations of the US and Canada are in talks with CONMEBOL over playing in the 2024 event but as of right now, Mexico have not taken part in the discussions.

Victor Montagliani, was quick to dismiss the rumors by labeling them as misinformation and speculation. The man who was president of the Canadian Soccer Association between 2012 and 2017 claimed that individual associations do not have the power to hold such discussions.

“It's really not the jurisdiction of a federation or a league to have those discussions,” Montagliani said.

“Those discussions are held by the confederations, it's between confederations.”

“My Gold Cup is mine, nobody talks (about) the Gold Cup other than me. Copa America belongs to CONMEBOL and my partner Alejandro Dominguez. That's where the discussion happens.”

Montagliani also claimed that 'there's a lot of misinformation of who can talk to who' and that when he 'talks to Europe', his discussions are with UEFA and not with individual national federations.

The main reason for wanting USA, Canada and Mexico to be part of Copa America is to have these countries play against higher quality opponents consistently as they prepare to co-host the FIFA World Cup in less than four years’ time.

It is also important to note that since they are the hosts of the tournament, they will not need to play qualifying rounds. This means that they will play fewer competitive games between now and 2026.

USA were the only nation between the three to qualify for the knockout stages but they got eliminated by a far superior Netherlands team. Canada and Mexico didn't do enough to qualify for the knockout stages.